Binary Options Pairs Trading

These are a relative newcomer to Binary Options Trading regime. It can be quite difficult to track down a broker who offers these types of deals, but when you finally do find one it can be an excellent way to trade in the markets. You get the same basic setup as binary options, but in pairs trading you are essentially betting on a particular asset out performing another in a certain time frame, rather than choosing a price direction on a single asset. You might have noticed that this is very similar to betting on red or black at roulette, or choosing one sports team over another. Picking the winning asset will result in a payout.

Big names are the favorites in the Binary Options Pairs Trading game. You will often see Google and Apple paired up against each other. Other popular matches are trades choosing between Gold and Silver. The only real difference is that you are favoring one asset over another, rather than choosing UP or DOWN. Binary options pairs trading is popular due to the way it simplifies the whole process. It is still essentially a binary trade, as there are only two choices on offer. You will either have a trade that is onside and get paid, or you will have a trade that expires offside, resulting in you losing your investment. It is an excellent place to get your feet wet if you see more sense in picking between two assets, rather than deliberating over a particular price direction.

Our research indicates that there are only a few online brokers who offer binary options pairs trading to their clientele. We have had a look at them all and our pick of the bunch will definitely have to go to the BetOnline Finance trading platform. Clicking the image below will take you directly to a simulator where you can get a no risk feel for how binary options operate.

Binary Options Pairs Trading

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