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Did you know binary options are around since early 20th century? Though their popularity is new, many investment firms offered binary options for decades. Rothschild family is one such example, though there were many others. However, the newfound popularity is due to internet, since it is really easy to track markets online and trade with binary options.

Today, hedge funds choose binary options to earn in millions and they are here to stay! Only in 2008, cash or nothing options were allowed for the first time by Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC. Options Clearing Corporation made the first request for this and from 2008, binary options were listed in American Stock Exchange as European cash-or-nothing binary options. Chicago Board of Exchange or CBOE also allows binary options. Since binary options are standardized or in other words, could be traded through stock exchanges using continuous quotations, they are easily traded through Cedar Finance or other online trading platforms.

Why Should You Trade Binary Options?
Two-way options or binary options are considered as the most simplest and comfortable trading options in trading. For best results when trading binary options, Cedar Finance Binary Options trading platform is the way to go. This is because, this platform lets users earn faster and features expiry rates of around one month. However, for those who love short periods, the duration could be as less as 60 seconds!

As for binary options trading, you can not find one other platform offering such a short trading window. Besides, the returns are fixed with binary options and that is an added advantage. Irrespective of the amount invested or ROI, the returns remain the same here. Also, there is nothing called spread, so it is the same price for both call and put options. The best part about this Binary Options Learning Center is that you can get access to it irrespective of your location, as long as you have a system and internet. The software is up and running 24/7. This means, even when one part of the market is sulking, the other could be active with many traders trading throughout.

Everything you want to know about trading binary options

Binary options also commonly referred to as digital options are simple as well as a straightforward way through which you can make large amount of money. The only thing you need to do while trading binary options is predict where the market is going to head in a fixed period of time.

Binary Options Learning CenterThe binary options are the contracts in which the buyer or the owner of the digital options has the right but not the obligation to buy an underlying asset at a certain fixed price within a specific time frame.

While trading binary options it is very important for you to have good knowledge about the functioning of the financial markets. This is mainly because; the binary options in which you invest are totally dependent on what you think and expect from the movements in the market. Thus, your judgment skills play a huge role in trading binary options. Typically, a binary option may either move up known as call option or downwards known as put option.

The investor has a lot of control on the asset, its expiry time and the direction of the asset. Also, binary options involve fixed returns and hence the investor is aware of the potential losses and gains he/she is going to make from the options.

One important thing to note about the digital options is they have some similarities as well as differences. The main difference between trading in binary options and traditional trading is the buyer of the binary option do not own the asset itself but just trades on the performance of the asset.

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