One Touch Binary Options

one touch binary options

This is perhaps the chanciest way to trade binary options, and not surprisingly, it is also the heaviest advertised. Of course, 600% payouts are a huge draw card for those willing to take the risk, but it is worth noting that these types of payouts are extremely rare. The One Touch Option varies a little from the 60 Seconds Option, or the Regular Binary Options. One Touch Options operate by giving the trader a choice of an already determined goal rate.

It is this method of trading that makes it so much more different to the other two. A trader is selecting an asset with a target rate that will be exceeded by the time the options expire.

The other major difference is that the target only needs to be touched once for the trade to be successful and payouts earned. This differs from the other options platforms in that the price needs to stay either above or below the target, depending on the direction chosen by the trader. Any single breach of the target goal with One Touch Options will result in a payout. Even it breaches the line and then completely reverses its direction; the trader will still collect a payout.

Basics of One Touch Options

– Can last for up to a week
– Has a target rate rather than needing to close above or below a price
– Pays out highest percentage but poses the most risk
– Mostly requires large scale price movements to be successful

Looking more closely at the available target rates soon makes it clear at just how challenging it can be to profit from this style of options class. Lets look at oil as an example. When you look at the target rate you will probably notice that it is a long way from the price currently available. Even the least savvy trader knows that oil prices are fairly stable over time, with only small gains and losses during any particular period. It would take a war in the Middle East for there to be any dramatic changes in oil prices and for you to profit from a call. The moral of the story is that traders should go into One Touch Options with their eyes wide open as they can be extremely risky endeavors.

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